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sound coaching

harness the power of vibration


Quantum physicists are today proving that the Universe is created by sound.  Something the ancients seers realized thousands of years ago.


So if sound creates reality, then why not get coaching on sounds to help create the reality you want?

Imagine the life you could shape.  With the right tools and techniques, establish command and centeredness in your own voice creating all you desire.

Sound coaching can be customized for your specific needs.   

If you're wanting to strengthen your voice.  Become an effective leader.  Gain more confidence. If you want to harness your voice as a manifestation tool or if you simply want to understand the deeper intelligence of sound.  

Using vibrational science we can effortlessly connect breath to sound and alter our state, unlocking the unbounded potential within you to discover:

Sounds of the Universe (Mantra)

Sound of your Soul (Meditation)

Sounds of your Body (Yoga)

Sounds of your Thoughts (Meditation)

Sounds of your Voice (Singing / Speaking)

Sound of your Healing (Ayurveda)

Sounds that Obstruct (Mindfulness)

Sounds that Connect us with Others (Communication)

Sounds that Ground us Internally (Pranayama)

Having trained in various modalities, this integrative work allows us to a deep and holistic pathway to your optimal Self.

Let's work together to shape your story

I look forward to every time working with Radhika.  Her way of teaching is full of love, knowledge and growth for my voice and in turn many aspects of my life.

Raquel R (Spain)

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