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"The journey of life is from the head to the heart". 

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Radhika, embodying the essence of the Vedic goddess Radha, represents unconditional love and devotion. Her diverse Indian, East African, and British heritage resonates deeply in her music. Influences from her family, particularly her father's love for classical Indian music, have been instrumental since her youth.

Despite a life long speech impediment, music has became Radhika’s voice. She asserts, “While words struggled, music effortlessly carried them.” After delving into mantra music and vibrational healing sounds, culminating in her album SAPTA: The Seven Ways, Radhika realized its therapeutic power, noting, "Creating this Sanskrit album first healed me, then others.  I was forced to know my true voice and this is the mission of the music I make.  I don't make music for you to see me. I make music for you to see yourself."

Radhika, having performed extensively in Europe and starred in Germany's 'INDIA INDIA', now collaborates in the U.S. with Grammy-nominated producer George Landress. Her music celebrates her Indian lineage, blending ancient Sanskrit narratives with modern sonic textures.

In 2021, Radhika garnered attention on Clubhouse with over 100,000 listeners and performed at notable events like Roger Love's conference and SXSW. In 2022, she lent her voice for global causes and collaborated with artists like Jeff Koons, sharing the stage with legends like Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney. Today, she's the chosen voice for Chopra Yoga TT, enriching yoga practices with Sanskrit and mantras.

A dedicated supporter of causes like Yoga Gives Back and Art of Living Global events, Radhika has performed for luminaries like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Deepak Chopra, advocating for the transformative power of mantras.

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“Radhika’s voice is resplendent and transformative. The vibration of her sounds carries the potency of Sanskrit, an ancient, sacred language that awakens us to the light within. To experience Radhika’s music is to experience the gift of that light, and to connect back to the source of the universe.”

- Sarah Platt-Finger, co-author of 'Living in the Light' with Deepak Chopra and Director of Chopra Yoga.

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