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For the love of Ashtanga

I grew up with my father talking about how great yoga is however I was never really around the asana limb of practise. I had never properly heard of Ashtanga Yoga before I came to LA. If I did it was probably in an article about Madonna and her practise but then I wouldn't taken it seriously because I just thought it was a fad westernised yoga practise that celebrities were jumping onto. How wrong I was.

I've felt compelled to write about my experience for a while now. I started this practise having gone to a studio on La Brea (doesn't get more LA than that) and meeting an incredible teacher - Ellina Kim. I was recommended to try Ashtanga in December of 2014 and I have not looked back. I now practise with the very well respected and long time teacher Jodi Blumstein and I have gone through journeys with this practise that the furthest physical adventures have not taken me to.

I'll write more about my experiences as time goes by but what I would say from this practise is that it made me realise what I came to California for. I thought I came here for music. I thought I came to change my life in a way that I had planned. But like with our bodies we cannot understand what is happened inside and what requires working through until it rises to the surface and Ashtanga does that in the most honest and loving way. It is a system of trust and that is sometimes the hardest lesson to learn.

Like a great teacher, you don't get what you want, you get what you need and the Mysore originated practise is just that.

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