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- A Sacred Music gathering - 

"The journey of life happens from the head to the heart". 

Kirtan is time old sacred practice.  As physical experience of yoga burns the fire within to move stagnation and emotional energy, kirtan is a fire ceremony of sound.  As we pour our voices collectively into this fire, uttering Sankrit sounds pulled directly from the cosmos, we transform, gain deeper insight and reveal the love that is our very Nature.  The essential nature of humanity is pure and in this modern era, kirtan is a straight shot to remembering our true selves.


With classical training in piano and a wealth of live experience, Radhika brings intensity, passion, depth and a unique twist to the art of kirtan.  Weaving the traditional with a journey filled intention driven by an exceptional musicality, expect to be taken on a ride back to your true self.


Radhika regularly supports organizations like Yoga Gives Back, All Love Kirtan UK, and Art of Living Global events.  She has also performed for the likes of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Deepak Chopra - singing and speaking passionately about the healing and transformational power of mantra to bring this ancient practice from the Vedic Sciences and its philosophies to new audiences everywhere.  

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It was a spiritual experience.   It was ceremony.  The call and response was just beautiful and the introduction was an invitation to become one collective.  While singing you the energy was palpable and the ancestors were with us and smiling.
V Alekseyev

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