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New Single

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Out now

"Liberate" finds her continuing her string of intentional, heartfelt releases with a soul-stirring offering that captures something universally human. - Earmilk

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Cosmic Confluence
Divine stream of life

Saturday 25th Sept 2021
5pm PST | 8pm EST | 9am JST
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“Liberate” sounds as natural as breathing, and there’s a positively magical ambiance emanating from each second of the song. - Hollywood Digest

There is no question that “Liberate” points the way toward such self-realization. It’s inarguably one of Radhika Vekaria’s finest songs yet and shows why she’s one of the most vital artists working in modern music. We’re lucky to have her. - Honk Magazine

It’s a purifying experience for both the artist and her audience. Radhika Vekaria could have chosen a very different career path, but music called to her. We can be thankful that she heeded its siren song. - Music Existence

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Bio: About
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“Radhika’s voice is resplendent and transformative. The vibration of her sounds carries the potency of Sanskrit, an ancient, sacred language that awakens us to the light within. To experience Radhika’s music is to experience the gift of that light, and to connect back to the source of the universe.”

- Sarah Platt-Finger, co-author of 'Living in the Light' with Deepak Chopra and Director of Chopra Yoga.


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"The journey of life is from the head to the heart"... 

Radhika Vekaria's journey is a harmonious blend of her diverse cultural heritage and her unwavering passion for music. Named after Radha, the Vedic symbol of love and devotion, Radhika embodies these qualities in her personal and artistic pursuits. Hailing from a rich tapestry of Indian, East African, and British roots, Radhika's music reflects the vibrant mosaic of her upbringing. Influenced profoundly by the strong, free-spirited women in her life—her mother, grandmothers, and her father, a connoisseur of classical Indian music—Radhika's musical odyssey began in infancy.  She wanted to be a doctor, an oncologist with a trajectory to Oxbridge UK (Oxford and Cambridge University).  Read more

"Every moment is an opportunity to bridge the inner and outer world"

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Harness the power of vibration


Quantum physicists are today proving that the Universe is created by sound.  Something the ancients seers realized thousands of years ago.

So if sound creates reality, then why not get coaching on sounds to help create the reality you want?

Imagine the life you could shape.  With the right tools and techniques, establish command and centeredness in your own voice creating all you desire. Read more

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