YOGA ...

"Every action we take is practice for the next time...."

Radhika is an avid yogi and practitioner of the Ashtanga system.  She has held a steadfast asana practise for 15 years and since 2013 has committed to the system of Ashtanga through experience of asana and philosophy.  Radhika is an RYT certified 200 hour instructor and Primary and Secondary series certified by the European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga.  She teaches vinyasa flow and Ashtanga specific practices incorporating breathe work, chanting and philosophy.   Her teachers are Jodi Blumstein (Los Angeles) and Manju Jois (Encinitas, California).

"I am forever a student.  Ashtanga has allowed me to feel courage in stepping into the unknown parts of myself.  The unknown is after all, unknown and doesn't need to be daunting.  That is the gift of yoga.  Knowing that whatever happens, we will be ok.  I love giving this gift of strength, curiosity and peace to others."

Radhika's first foray into meditation began with Sudarshan Kriya with the Art of Living Foundation in 2004.  As a world music singer she has performed for His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Sankar on several occasions and performs kirtan in LA and London.   Radhika carries within her teaching as well her music, a deep reverence for great teachers, alive and passed.  Jiddha Krishnamurti is one of her most inspiring figures.   "Freedom from the known" has enshrined a curiosity and faith of a personal experience beyond which the teachers and past masters have warmly led her to.  


"This journey of life is truly our own.  We can be led, held, taught, inspired.  However one's truth resides in a place of relinquishing all that one knows.  It it act of letting go of all that is perceived and already understood, where knowledge can truly be called upon. I would say my knowing is a mere drop in the ocean of life, but I love being one in vastness of this experience.  Painful, enriching, edifying, soul igniting, and all else.  The power of yoga has given me that."


Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training 

Yoga Therapy Training  - European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga

Primary and Intermediate Series Ashtanga Teacher Training - European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga