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"Every action we take is practice for the next time."

Are you curious about yoga?  Are you wanting to feel more vitality, creativity and enthusiasm in your life?  Is there an obstacle you're facing physically, emotionally or mentally?  

Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for a long time, in our session we come together as a collective force to bring forth all your inner potential to increase the flexibility and strength, while simultaneously giving you a naturally deep self exploration and peacefulness. 

Why Private Sessions With Radhika?


Radhika will tailor and design a specific practice for you to help meet your goals.

You will find relief from daily stress and overwhelming emotions. 

You will get tools to practice confidence, boost your daily energy and improve your general health

She will work at your own, individual pace and skill level. 

We will find the way to work on your injuries and level up your daily well being. 

YA Teacher Training + European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga - Primary & Secondary Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy.

60 mins

$175 (in person - local)  / $100 (online)

- packages available upon request -

Pricing variable for longer session or groups of 2 or more / workshops / retreats

Let's enrich your journey...

Book a call / email

Radhika's classes are known for her challenging, focused but also relaxing sessions. Each yoga class is personalized, designed in a holistic way - where all the components like breathing, meditation, flows & deep stretching come together into one comprehensive experience.


As a world recognized singer and artist, Radhika has a deep understanding of creative energy and has developed a practise that she shares with a variety of people: celebrities, producers, artists, creative directors, entrepreneurs and many wonderful clients who decided to discover the beauty of yoga.  With Radhika's knowledge of Vedic Sciences (the root of yoga), astrology and the power of mantra, her classes are truly unique.  She has helped many to restore physically and spiritually through yoga to return to their lives feeling grounded, focused, and clear.

Radhika is a personal practitioner of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system.  With a steadfast asana practice for 15 years, she has immersed into system of Ashtanga since 2013 through experience of asana, breath work, chanting and philosophy.  

"Yoga gives us the courage to step into the unknown parts of ourselves.  The unknown is, after all, where creativity is born from.  That is the gift of yoga.  The reestablishing of rhythm and harmony in life.  I love giving this gift of strength, curiosity and peace to others.  Letting go of the mind with breath is where knowledge and wisdom arise. What we have perceived until this moment is a mere drop in the ocean of life.  Through yoga (union) we touch upon the vastness of this experience.  Enriching, edifying, soul igniting, and all that lies between."


“I’ve been studying yoga with Radhika for over two years now and it has been a wonderful experience.  I had taken group yoga classes before, which are valid in their own way, but they don’t really compare to studying it one on one with someone like Radhika, who has studied all aspects of yoga very seriously and tries to keep the tradition alive.  She pushes you beyond your comfort zone in a safe way that is individually catered to your strengths and weaknesses, which again is not something you can really get in a group session.  I am very grateful whenever we are able to sit together and I aim to continue to learn from her for many years to come”  - N Aktas (Artist - San Francisco, USA)

“I’m so grateful for having met Radhika.  She brought her broad yogic knowledge to my established practice and augmented it with chanting and breath work that few are able to teach properly.  The loving and healing energy that she offered my family are still palpable even months after we began our work.  Her guidance made a challenging transition to Los Angeles more graceful and successful than it would have been otherwise.  She’s fierce, authentic and radiant.” - S Tony (Actor, Artist - LA/NY)

"I've been studying privately with Radhika for over a year now and I can say that her presence is anchoring, not only to the classes she teaches but how this practice has effected all areas of my life.  I was new to yoga, and Radhika has been encouraging every step of the way.  She has shown me playfulness with my body whilst also introducing me to the depths accessibly through this practice.   I was always intimidated by the prospect of doing yoga and now I genuinely feel part of it and it a part of me.  Thank you!! - L Sung (Entrepeneur - LA)

Radhika is such an exceptional teacher and pure of heart.  Her practice is so rooted in tradition that the experience is authentic, honest and life giving.  She grounded me at a time where I desperately needed it and taught me the strength of the mind/ body connection. Every time I hit my mat her words and phrases are in my head supporting me to move through pain, tension and discomfort in my body. She is a spiritual mentor for me and I cannot recommend her more - M Leonard (Entrepeneur / Business School - LA)

Radhika Vekaria is a true professional.  Very conscientious with everything from promptness to knowing which exercises are best for each individual situation.  Her knowledge, application and passion are high level.  She explains, teaches and counsels as you grow and expand your own abilities and understanding.  I recommend her training for most any level.  She is extremely flexible in providing the best schedule and meeting and excelling expectations.  If you are looking for a personal touch when it comes to practicing yoga I highly recommend Radhika Vekaria. - R Calloway (Artist and Composer - LA)

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