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Solar System


 A sound healing experience over 5000 years old.

Are you experiencing a block or challenge in a specific area of your life? 
Are you looking for support to connect to your purpose?
Would you like to understand and transform the energies present for you?

If we believe our thoughts create reality, our mind is the beginning of it all.
Understanding the exact print of the sky at the time of our birth informs us to the nature of the mind we have been endowed with.  So how do harness its true nature to experience a more conscious and enlightened life?

For thousands of years as part of the Vedic Sciences, MANTRAS have been prescribed to those seeking healing, nourishment and support.

During these unique 1-1 sessions we will
 address an area of life needing some extra support and use the power of mantra to connect you with the energies you wish to invoke on a vibrational level - taking you through a fully embodied experience of mantra healing.  

20 years of meditation, yogic studies and Vedic knowledge, Radhika has supported over 50,000 people across the world with MANTRA HEALING.  She has performed and appeared alongside spiritual luminaries such as His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Deepak Chopra.

 First session  (60 mins) -
(includes pre-session analysis, instruction & high quality audio recording)

Pricing - Gratitude sliding scale *

* (Mantra Healing offered on a sliding scale ie. $108 to $295)

Follow up sessions available (25 mins)

Packages available

Expanding on the session above, we take a deeper journey in establishing support and developing strength of mind to live life as 

By anchoring through ancient practices, guided intuiti
ve counseling from Vedic systems and the power of mantra, this course is bespoke and curated for you.  Experience profound healing & support to discover true PEACE and FREEDOM within your SELF - to live a life of truth according to your inner essence and purpose.

For package pricing, special occasions and private groups please 
Email here or
Book a call


Working with Radhika has been part of my journey of transformation.  She has helped me open up and create a connection with my inner being, seeing who I really am, rather than what I think I am.  

Her care and insight creates a safe space to be guided and eventually let go of all the things that hold you back. 

I would highly recommend making time to connect with Radhika, as the advice she gives will be able to help you navigate the beautiful path of Life.

- G Agyemang (Sweden) -

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