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'KALI' reflects both personal growth and universal themes of change.  In Sanskrit - a language over 5000 years old - the goddess KALI mirrors these attributes to bring strength, courage and unconditional love.  She is a transcendent embodiment of the most powerful destructive force to bring forth renewal. 


Being a person of British, Indian and East-African heritage, I am one of three generations of women who left their homelands.  'Kali' is an ode to that courage of the women in my family to explore the unknown.  We blended all the influencing cultures to create this experiential piece.  'Kali' offers up the mystery, divinity, and the transformative power of Time itself - represented in ancient Vedic Philosophy as the ultimate Divine Feminine power. 


This song was birthed while the world entered a huge shift in history.  In chaos we naturally feel we have lost something, but the expanse into voids creates gains.  Destruction is only potential for something new; Kali is the manifestation of unconditional love behind it all.   

"The journey that led to ‘Kali’ was one of introspection and evolution. Music, for me, is a form of transcendence.  Through this song, I hope you are inspired to embrace change and perceive Time as a tool for transformation; establishing your own self sovereignty, and attaining freedom."

Watch 'Kali' video

The mood for the song's visuals was encapsulated in three main parts. Representing Creation, Preservation and Destruction...the three primordial forces in the Universe.  In Indian mythology when the darkness had vastly conquered all, these forces conjoined creating 'Kali', the ultimate Divine Feminine.  With a fusion of Indian and contemporary dance,   incorporating Systema martial arts into the choreography, the battle for life ensues. Through this transformation we are no longer bound, transcending Time itself.  

I was fortunate to work with a deep and creatively sensitive team to create the visuals to bridge ancient philosophy together with the modern world.  Kali lyrics in Sanskrit here

Vocals: Radhika Vekaria

Production & Mixing: George Landress (Grammy nominated - No Doubt, Snuffy Walden)

Written by: Radhika Vekaria & Divya Prabha

Sarod: Pratik Shrivasta

Mastering:  Dave Donnelly (DNA Mastering, LA)

Video: Maclean Kotas

Stylist: Venk Modur

H&M: Alysha Marcantonio

Dance choreography: Amita Batra

Fight Choreography: Martin Wheeler (Wheeler Systema)

Location: Los Angeles.

'KALI' is dedicated to the memory of Jeffrey Ainis—my mentor and dear friend.


...during this wonderfully fresh arrangement Radhika Vekaria brings us a timeless, reflective and respectful new single that is totally addictive and wonderfully presented. I can see nothing other than a huge success on the horizon for Kali by Radhika Vekaria

- Steve Sheppard - One World Music Radio

“Radhika’s voice is resplendent and transformative, awakening us to the light within. To experience Radhika’s music is to experience the gift of that light, and to connect back to the source of the universe.” 

- Sarah Platt-Finger, Co-Author of ‘Living in the Light’ by Deepak Chopra & Director of Chopra Yoga -

"Radhika has an emotion in her voice that is exceptionally rare"

- Roger Love (Voice of Success) -

An award winning multi-instrumental sensory artist who creates transcendent experiences for her audience, Radhika channels healing for the future while pulling from traditions of the past.  The previous album ‘SAPTA: The Seven Ways’ established Radhika as an innovative sacred artist.  With British Indian and East African roots, Radhika was the first mantra artist to play at SXSW in 2022, and performs regularly for luminaries like Deepak Chopra and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  Most recently Radhika collaborated with the world renowned artist, Jeff Koons for his pioneering “Apollo” exhibition with her voice featured alongside Rihanna, Paul McCartney and David Bowie. 

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