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Music - HER DEPARTURE: Product

KÄ | 108

INSPIRED BY THE ELEMENTS, AIR, EARTH, WATER AND FIRE, AWAKENING by KÄ is simultaneously discovery and rebirth.  The journey chronicles the human experience through the elements of nature from where we emerge.  There is no beginning, no end.  This body of work serves as a unique reflection and collection of songs in testament to the depth and diversity of KÄ's creativity and inherited influences in collaboration with Norwegian award winning producer and artist Melantopia.

AWAKENING - The Movie. 

A musically narrated movie on the human journey. Eventually an immersive live experience.   There are 12 songs, plus interludes pieces.

Imagine: Planet Earth + Human experience + Kosayonaaski

Birth, Breath, Life, Death, Return.

The cycle of Life  = The cycle of Nature)



The music and it's journeys highlight all aspects of Nature and how we are humbly an intrinsic part of it's design.  It is a gift to be human.  We must respect life and its grand intelligence that works through us in our experience as a soul in a human body.   It is forgetting this that has disconnected us from ourselves, one another and the environment.  This is why feminine and connected forces are rising again.  This music and film is to enliven the message of needing to remember where we come from.  Who we essentially are.  There are subconscious elements in the journey regarding karma, the environment, the universal forces, and a grand tapestry of spiritual philosophies.   Whether it is through our own actions or Nature taking over, our collective consciousness is being forced to awaken and transform.  Through tangible everyday life situations or one deeper explorations these songs have multiple meanings.   I want to show everything intensely, that the inner world and outer world is the same.  Suffering outside is a mirror of that inside. Love is the same.   We must be conscious in order to transcend our separation.  All of the songs pertain to issues with the environment as well, hence the idea to shoot in Nature, to mirror the issues and the need to respect it.  It is there in the background, it is us, it is everywhere.   We are NATURE.


Sections for the elements below.  WATER, AIR, EARTH, FIRE, ETHER


Additional idea to bear in mind for eventual story/movie/live show: There is also a spirit druid figure, engaging the environments in a variation of outfits, with particular movement to each element.   We may only see the hands/back of the head of - throughout who represents Nature.  The Self, guiding us throughout.

Beautiful Desert




Inspired locations - Santa Monica, Big Sur, Doran Beach.

Ocean, Waterfalls, Rivers, Snow, Glaciers

Colour -Blue 

Life cycle:  This is the first way we experience life in the womb





Be Like Water

Meaning:  Life is encouraging us to flow.  It is the way of nature, to be at ease and adapt.  To learn from the qualities of water.  The very element without which we cannot live.  Water takes the shape and form of many things yet is still essentially at the core, water.  As the human race, we vary in expressions and form, yet we are all the same underneath.   Change is the only constant. 



Ghost Train

Meaning:  Reminiscing over the loss of love.   Holding on to the past that we lose our minds reliving a fantasy.  Inspired by the Santa Monica pier.   Looking back on the past and one's youth.  Yet how attachment can at the same time be romantic or at times, full of suffering.  



Inspired Locations:  Forest in Big Sur area/Redwood trees/

Los Angeles National Forest

Colour - White/Grey

Life cycle:  When we are born we take breath.






Act of God

Meaning:  Why must we wait for an outside force to make changes so necessary?  In our own experience as well as for the environment or for others.  Do we have to be pushed to the edge of ourselves or wait for a hand from God to make a choice for better?  Can we live well that way?   We either make the choices or life will choose for us.


Song "Awake"


Meaning: Waking up from the daydream and the constuct of this life through our senses, and imposed on us by society as a whole.  There is Shiva mantra in the middle, to symbolise breatking free and the willingness to destroy all we know to truly be revealed.


Song: "Walking with Giants"

Walking with Giants

Meaning:  When we find those among us who inspire us to reach for our dreams, we can then realize our reason for being.   There is wisdom from those more experienced than us, be it human or aspect of nature, like the mountain and trees.



Location: As above and Red Rocks Canyon

Colour - Deep Yellow

Life cycle:  We travel the earth in this human body.




Kindness of a Stranger


Meaning:  Finding oneself and one another.  From abandonment to surrender.   Losing a loved one, in this earthly realm.   Reaslising the connectedness between all of us.   Loss is our test. To move and free ourselves.  This song has multiple meanings.  We can find kindness in those more in pain.   During 2020 this has become more apparent, more celebrated.  Human have literally had to depend on the kindess of strangers.  (The Queen used this phrase in her New Year address too!)




Meaning:  Every girl, woman is here to find their sovereignty, to lead with their own authority.  Too often the feminine has been surpressed and it is time to balance humanity.  With the support of man, every female can live to their fullness and be the warrior they were born to be.  Because the love of the feminine is being called for, in this time of tender challenge for all life and the planet.


Song - "Balloon"


Meaning:  What is feels like to finally say what we never got to say.  This is about deep loss.  Grief and the burden of guilt we need to relieve ourselves from.  And ultimately forgivness of the other as well as ourselves.




Location: Santa Monica or Dockwieler/ Desert - with Night sky and fire.

Colour - Red

Life cycle:  We are cremated and burn to ash






Meaning:  Setting the challenge.  Women, standing up or anybody really and their fight for the right to be here.  Laying down the gauntlet.  Have the bravery to walk through the fire to do what it takes.  Taking whatever comes your way because you have a strength they can never comprehend.



Beside the Dying Fire

Meaning: Something isn't beautiful because it lasts.  In the flicker of final illumination is when we see things in the highest form.  



Rivers of Gold

Meaning:  How we have taken from the earth and justified the reason.  We preteend that it's all so beautiful when it's now molten rivers of greed.    How the modern world convinces itself of its enlightened delusion.




Location: SPACE

Extra unseen element - pieces of all the elements and the spirit that is guiding me through.

Colour: Black

Life cycle:  We join back to source until we return again. 


Dark Matter

Meaning:  Is about a yearning to know that is so intense that nothing humanly experienced can satisfy.  The search for God, the search for the part of another yet unrevealed.  This song is about the willingness to dive into the unknown to go to the other side of love.




Life cycle:  We become one with the unseen/our soul goes on.

Meaning:  We come back to revisit our actions and do it all over again.  Permeates throughout all lifeforms, landscapes and scenarios.   A buddhist chant is included about reverence to the Buddha, the self and the community.  We need all three to live in peace

Star Formation
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