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GANANAM TVA (Protection)


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"The GANANAM TVA mantra held me through some of the toughest times in my life.  This sacred mantra is believed to protect the orator and the listener.  It is considered fortunate to recite this before embarking on any new journey or endeavor asking for protection and strength.  I can attest to the power of this myself and in these very challenging times I wanted to offer the world what has helped me survive. It is a lifeline and I felt it was my duty to share it".



Radhika Vekaria is no stranger to capturing purpose & a higher calling within her music - her namesake "Radha" is the Vedic goddess of love and devotion; two concepts that are synonymous with Vekaria's pursuit of the arts. A classically trained musician who has performed in an impressive number of situations; from the lead in multi-faceted stage production INDIA INDIA to a member of bands fronted by luminaries like Prince, Vekaria's song GANANAM TVA (Protection) is an offering to those in need in these current times. 

Falling stylistically somewhere between world music, textural soundscape and a collection of mantras,  Gananam Tva Mantra (Protection) is one of the oldest pieces recited from the Rig Veda 1.2.  It is believed that reciting this mantra affords protection and blessings for any mantras and actions taken after. 


Los Angeles based producer George Landress (No Doubt, Dionne Warwick) preserves the sonic authenticity of traditional Indian instruments (harmonium, tanpura, etc) while taking a modern approach to production, creating an experience for the listener that is as healing & unifying as it is deeply musical.



"Radhika's album (Sapta) changed my life"

Richa Moorjani (Never Have I Ever - Netflix)

"Radhika music is a gift to the world.  Her voice is so powerful & intense.  I was transported and completely lost myself. I’ve never heard anyone like her."  

Baroness Kimberly Moore (Kimberly Moore Foundation)

"Radhika has an emotion in her voice that is exceptionally rare"

Roger Love (Voice of Success)

"The voice of an icon.  I couldn't stop listening to her"

Leah Lamarr (Clubhouse Icon & Comedian)

During the pandemic Radhika has held space and offered healing music to audiences worldwide.  She has performed for the likes of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Rimpoche Shaylpa, Sai Maa to name a few.  In 2021 her rooms on the breakthrough audio app Clubhouse have attracted over 100,000 listeners while also performing for organizations and charities like Yoga Gives Back, All Love UK, and Art of Living Global events.  She was invited as a special guest performer for Roger Love's 2021 Voice of Success conference.  Radhika sings and speaks passionately about the healing transformational power of mantra and bring this ancient practise and its philosophies to new audiences everywhere, transcending cultural divides, perceptional differences and unifying listeners in the experience of timeless sound.

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