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Find your DIVINE voice.

With the science of sound

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Our lives depend on our ability to express ourselves.  

With the power of mantra and ancient sound science I can help you unlock the potential of unbounded vibration within you to:


- Increase awareness and focus

- Experience vibrancy in your day to day

- Express yourself in personal or work situation

- Break patterns that are holding you back

-  Discover your singing voice

- Heal emotions

- Tap into your intuition

I look forward to every time working with Radhika.  Her way of teaching is full of love, knowledge and growth for my voice and in turn many aspects of my life.

Raquel R (Spain)

What is sound?

In Vedic beliefs OM is said to be the primordial sound of the universe.   The single sound from which all creation came into being.  Everything is frequency, every sound creates resonance in our lives and beyond.  In recent years science is proving this to modern man however this is knowledge that the sages and rishis (holy men) of India of knew over 4000 years ago.  What if you could connect on a quantum level with your inner voice, the voice that speaks your soul and express that with clarity everyday?  Imagine the life you could shape.  When you have command and centeredness in your own voice you choose the outcome of your life.  You direct your story.  


V - vitality 

O -  opportunity

I - intuition

C - creativity

E - expression

Let's work together

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"The voice is a paintbrush, life is a blank canvas.  With your voice you choose to paint the picture you want to see".

                                                                                                                            - Pandit Ajoyji Chakraborty

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