With the science of sound

Oṃ Gaṃ Gaṇapataye Namaha  

ॐ गं गणपतये नमः    

Salutations to Ganesha, remover of obstacles

"The voice is a paintbrush, life is a blank canvas.  With your voice you choose to paint the picture you want to see".

                                                           - Pandit Ajoyji Chakraborty

Why sound, why the voice?

I was severely bullied as a child for many things, one of which was a terrible stammer.  Each year I would dread the moment I had to stand up and introduce myself to my new classmates.  The results didn't make for the kindest memories and along with my inability to connect with my voice deeply this held me back from expressing my true self well into my adulthood.  I could always sing with relative ease (my father 's life was music) but this is also common for many of those with speech impediments.  Have you ever seen the King's Speech?  Well to a certain degree that is what much of my life was like.  In a strange way this was a gift because I developed an acute awareness of how my voice was affected by my state of being, mind and body both.  However even after countless stages and years of performance there was still something missing. I was yet to be able to connect with and share my inner self with much confidence.  As I've dived more into mantra, breath-work and ancient sound science I now have the freedom to summon upon my authentic voice at any given moment.  These tools help connect and convey my truth, and I have dropped any fear of sharing my true self.  I want to this for you too.  We spend much energy simply surviving against the noise of the world that it's easy to drown out the inner voice.  To be aware of not only how we speak but from where we speak leads to a paradigm shift that creates a ripple effect in our lives.  Thoughts are the fuel and sound is the vehicle by which intention is mobilised into become reality.   I have been witness to this time and again.  I dreamed of sharing my voice to help others and never could have imagined sharing at educational seminars, United Nations Association, and mediating events.  What I realised was once I embraced the depths of my self through vibration and sound, I could align my inner voice with what I wanted to experience in the world surrounding me.  Only then do the obstacles fall away in our minds.  That is freedom.  

Now I want to share this with you....

Do you want to find your true voice?  With the power of mantra, meditation, and ancient sound science you can unlock the potential of unbounded vibration within you, align your inner and outer world to create the life you want to live.

What is sound?

In Vedic beliefs OM is said to be the primordial sound of the universe.   The single sound from which all creation came into being.  Everything is frequency, every sound creates resonance in our lives and beyond.  In recent years science is proving this to modern man however this is knowledge that the sages and rishis (holy men) of India of knew over 4000 years ago.  What if you could connect on a quantum level with your inner voice, the voice that speaks your soul and express that with clarity everyday?  Imagine the life you could shape.  When you have command and centeredness in your own voice you choose the outcome of your life.  You direct your story.  


V - vision & vitality 

O -  opportunity & opening

I - intuition & inner peace

C - creativity & connection

E - emotional awareness & expression

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