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Find Your Voice.

With the science of sound


Most of us are born with voice.

So what if you could connect on a quantum level with your inner voice, and express this with clarity everyday? 

Imagine the life you could shape.  When you have command and centeredness in your own voice you choose the outcome of your life.  You direct your story.  


 Our breath is the very first thing we take when we're born and the last thing we do in this life. Using scientific techniques over 5000 years old we can effortlessly connect breath to sound and alter our state, allowing us to move through any situation with more confidence and ease.

With the power of ancient sound sciences let's unlock the potential of unbounded vibration within you to:

Tell your story

Connect to your inner voice

Develop clarity and strength in your communication

Unlock your purpose and true potential 

Break patterns / Reduce anxiety

Discover your singing voice

Heal emotions

I look forward to every time working with Radhika.  Her way of teaching is full of love, knowledge and growth for my voice and in turn many aspects of my life.

Raquel R (Spain)

Starry Sky

What is sound?

In Vedic sciences OM is said to be the primordial sound of the universe.   The single sound from which all creation came into being.  Everything is frequency, every sound creates resonance in our lives and beyond.  In recent years science is proving this to modern man, however this is knowledge that the seers of India of knew over 5000 years ago.  Modern science is now proving what the Vedas (ancient sciences from India) have said all along.  The whole universe began with sound.  And so the life we create is a physical manifestation of that sound.

Your divine voice is the story of your true self here to be shared and lived by. 

Let's work together

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