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"Every action we take is practice for the next time."

Private In Home and Online Sessions

Are you curious about yoga?  Are you wanting to feel more vitality and enthusiasm in your life?  Is there an obstacle you're facing physically, emotionally or mentally?  

No matter if you are new to yoga or have practiced for a long time, in our session we come together as a collective force to use all your inner potential to increase the flexibility, strength and give you the natural feeling of deep relaxation and peacefulness. 

Radhika's classes are known for her challenging, focused but also deeply relaxing sessions. Each yoga class is personalized.   She designs her classes in a holistic way - where all the components like breathing, meditation, flows & deep stretching come together into one comprehensive experience.


As a world recognized singer and artist, Radhika has a deep understanding of creative energy and has developed a practise that she shares with a variety of people: celebrities, producers, artists, creative directors, entrepreneurs and so many more wonderful clients who decided to discover beauty of yoga.  With Radhika's knowledge of Vedic Sciences (the root of yoga) and the power of mantra, her classes are truly unique.  She has helped many to restore physically and spiritually through yoga practice to return to their lives feeling grounded, focused, and clear.

Radhika is an avid yogi and personal practitioner of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system.  With a steadfast asana practice for 15 years, since 2013 she has immersed into system of Ashtanga through experience of asana, breath work, chanting and philosophy.  

"I am forever a student.  Yoga has allowed me to feel courage in stepping into the unknown parts of myself.  The unknown is after all where creativity is born from.  That is the gift of yoga.  The reestablishing of rhythm and harmony in life.  I love giving this gift of strength, curiosity and peace to others."

"This journey of life is truly our own.  We can all be led, held, taught, inspired.  However one's truth resides in a place of relinquishing all that one knows.  It it act of letting go of all that is perceived and already understood, where knowledge can truly be called upon. What we believe is a mere drop in the ocean of life, but I love being one in vastness of this experience.  Enriching, edifying, soul igniting, and all else.  The power of yoga has given me that."



Why Private Sessions With Radhika?


Radhika will tailor and design a specific practice for you to help meet your goals.

You will find relief from daily stress and overwhelming emotions. 

You will get tools to practice confidence, boost your daily energy and improve your general health. 

She will work at your own, individual pace and skill level. 

We will find the way to work on your injuries and level up your daily well being. 

Radhika has a fundamental understanding of Vedic Sciences: Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda, Philosophy, and the traditions

60 mins - $150 (in person) / $100 (online)

Pricing variable for longer session or groups of 2 or more / workshops / retreats



Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training 

Yoga Therapy Training  - European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga

Primary and Intermediate Series Ashtanga Teacher Training 

European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga

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