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Mantra Healing

 An audio healing experience Just for you.

For thousands of years as part of the Vedic Sciences, MANTRAS have been prescribed to those seeking healing, nourishment and support.
These unique 1-1 sessions with Radhika are curated for your birth chart, guided and facilitated by tuning into current cosmic energies providing mantra, music & energetic healing specifically for you.

1 hour session (First session)
(including pre-session instruction & high quality audio recording)

45 mins (follow up) 
pre-session instruction & high quality audio recording)

vedic astrology APPS

Vedic Astrology (known as Jyotish) is an ancient science and a guiding light.
Below are links to two apps that are an excellent place to begin your journey. 
Click the links for a new way to move in the world.

Cosmic Insights

Align 27

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