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Upcoming Events

Fall / Winter '22                         Europe, USA               

Past events

May 24th 2022                          ICMEC Gala - Cipriani, 42nd Street, New York City

Mar 18th 2022                           SXSW - Wisdome Park, Downtown Austin, Texas.

Jan 31st 2022
                            Full moon - music & meditation                                                         
                                                         Veda Club - Clubhouse  

Sept 25th 2021                          Cosmic Confluence Global Event - "Divine Stream of Life"

Aug 20th 2021                           Roger Love's Voice of Success, Los Angeles

Aug 8th 2021                              Emerge @ Bingham Riverhouse, London, UK

July 31st 2021                           World Yoga Festival, Henley-upon-Thames, UK

Mar 7th 2021                              Yoga Gives Back Womens' Empowement Event

Feb 2021 (ongoing)                 Veda Club, Clubhouse

Nov 21st 2020                            Yoga Gives Back Global Gala

May 29th 2020                           Mitra Festival, Worldwide

Sept 29th 2019                          Yoga Gives Back Gala - Glo LA


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