coming May 2020

SAPTA is an offering of SEVEN Sanksrit mantras and bhajans.  An ode to the past masters and teachers inspiring Radhika's personal journey spiritually, this project serves as a meditative experience. Working with the incredible LA based producer, George Landress, they both set off on a quest using eastern instrumentation, including live harmonium, and tanpura.  Committing to the simplicity of space and breathe, in a world of more outer chaos, SAPTA allows a moment to go inwards and restore.  In a modern landscape of music over digitized, both Radhika and George held integral the authenticity to each and every note of the project by not correcting one single note.  Everything heard and played is raw and realized, enhanced only by phenomenal features by Indian musicians Shashank Acharya (Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia) on flute and Manas Kumar on violin.


Alternative vocals and songwriting by Radhika Vekaria

Below are excerpts from pieces created by Radhika in English, highlighting the different stylistic additives and colours incorporated. 

For collaborations on other projects and for additional vocal demos feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions.